Meet our engine

Miia developed an engine capable of indexing text the way a human brain works. It’s an artificial intelligent text understanding system.

“It’s really about making data understand people. Not the other way around.”

In the short and long term, we believe non-biological Artificial Intelligence will produce the best results for text understanding. We apply advanced Linguistic and Semantic Technologies combined with ConceptNet modeling and Machine Learning to cater deep intelligent quality to several industries.




  • language independent
  • domain independent
  • cross-language performance
  • self learning
  • API layer


The engine is multifunctional. It can be used to build applications such as: 

  • analyzing and matching of jobs and resumes
  • intelligent messaging bots for commodity requests (F&B, Hotels, Retail, Travel)
  • investigating sensitive data to find meaningful events (Energy and Intelligence)
  • searching and identifying bids for proposals and public tenders
  • opinion and sensitivity mining
  • analyzing large amounts of text in the Legal, Financial and Medical space
  • enhancing Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)