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“There are many arrests published by the European Court for the Human Rights in the HUDOC Database. These are long and difficult to search through. This type of new language technology delivers an important added value because of the substantial time gain while searching through these thousands of arrests ”

 –  Dr. Joachim Meese, Lawyer and Professor in Criminal Law and Procedure at University of Antwerp - 

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Miia and Liaport teamed up to help knowledge workers in the Legal space gear up for the future of research. Many Governments, Private and Company Lawyers, Courts, Publishers and Libraries are struggling to find the needle in the haystack. Liaport simplifies search for relevant sentences and paragraphs in massive volumes of complex text documents. Queries can be formulated in plain natural language and will be analyzed by Artificial Intelligence and advanced Computational Linguistics and Semantics. Only relevant paragraphs will be returned to the users. You’ve got the questions, we’ve got the answers! 


  • Understands the meaning and concepts of both query and text content
  • Cross Language querying
  • Very substantial gain of time when searching for the most relevant paragraphs out of thousands of legal documents containing millions of sentences and paragraphs
  • Immediate answers to the queries by receiving the most relevant sentences and paragraphs that are the closest semantic match to the query
  • No navigation through index tables
  • No need to open documents before finding the most relevant paragraphs
  • Very easy to use
  • Queries can be formulated in plain natural language
  • Substantial reduction of processing time of legal proceedings
  • Enhanced service levels
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction 

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